Q 240

The biggest system in our Q-series. Perfect for multiple Wafers with sizes up to 200mm diameter.


L: 760mm W: 775mm H: 775mm


100 KG


20 Liter

Process chamber:

quartz glass, 240mm Ø, B: 450mm

Microwave output:

2,45 GHz / 50 - 1200 Watt


1 gas channel (gas distribution system inside the process chamber), up to 3 channels available

Substrate holder (optional):

aluminium, custom design possible

Vacuum connection:



electromagnetic solenoid valve

Pump system:

up to 40m³/h

Chamber door:

you can choose between hinged-type with viewing port and drawer door with attached support rods

Wafer size:

up to 200mm, at a number of 50 wafers

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