Coating and plasma technology from a single source

Our parylene coating systems!

Labcoater Serie 100

Verfügbar in verschiedenen Größen
Mit austauschbarer Kammer

Labcoater der Serie 300

Perfekt für kleinere Produktionen und Laborbetriebe
Optional mit Plasma erweiterbar
Erhältlich in 3 verschiedenen Volumen

Labcoater Series 300

Versatile system, optimized for laboratory work with build-in plasma source for surface pre-treatment.

Series 3000 LV 600/700

This is the Parylene system. It is a modular system divided into two parts: chamber module and evaporator module.

Series 3000 LV 800/1000

This is the Parylene system. It is a modular system divided into two parts: chamber module and evaporator module.

Our plasma systems

Plasma Anlagen der Serie AL

Bestens geeignet für Halbleitertechnik
Optimal für Vorbehandlung von Metall- und Kunststoffteilen
Geeignet für die Solar-, Kunststoff- und Elektronikindustrie

AL 18 Tabletop Unit

Hochwertige Kammer aus Aluminium
Volumen: 18 Liter
Belüftung durch elektromagnetisches Ventil

AL series plasma systems

AL stands for aluminum chamber. It is mainly used in the semiconductor, solar, plastics and electronics industries.

AL 76 Tabletop Unit

A space-saving system designed for smaller production facilities and laboratories. Available as compact or tabletop.

AL 235

With automated door and adjustable work height for easier loading.

AL 800 Compact

The absolute biggest AL-system we have to offer. For the largest substrates and quantities.

Q150 (Tabletop Unit)

Easy to operate and simple to load. Our Q-series provides fast and reliable plasma processing.

Q 240S

A system with the diameter of our Q240S but with reduced chamber depth for the sake of saving space.

Q 240

The biggest system in our Q-series. Perfect for multiple Wafers with sizes up to 200mm diameter.

Besondere Zubehöre

ECR rack

Concentrated, more effective surface treatment and plasma generation.

Heating table

This table allows the substrates placed on it to remain above a certain temperature level during coating or plasma treatment. Can be combined with wafer holders.

Cooling table

Similar to the heating table, this extra allows the substrates to be cooled as needed or maintained at a specific temperature level during treatment.

Wafer holder

We offer several sizes of wafer holders that can be placed on our heating/cooling tables to hold wafers in place during ultracleaning or analysis.

Our system product catalogue

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Parylene coating – surface protection with numerous application possibilities

Surface treatment is one of our specialities and is used in a wide variety of areas.

The fields of application of parylene coatings are extremely versatile. Parlyene coating can be used for electronic components as well as the protection of plastics, rubber and other materials. In addition to reinforcements of already existing structures, dielectric or transparent coatings are also possible.

Coating and low-pressure plasma technology from a single source

In addition to contract coating, the new development of coating technologies and the production of series and special systems, our services include:

  • Plasma purification & plasma activation
  • Plasma removal & plasma etching within the semiconductor, as well as microtechnology
  • Plasma polymerisation, with which modifications to surfaces can be perfectly implemented by means of low-pressure plasma    

The pretreatment of the various components is just as much a part of our area of responsibility as the holistic support up to the desired result.

Plasma systems and plasma coatings from the market leader

With more than 20 years of experience in the coating sector and more than 25 years of experience in plasma system construction, we are your expert for effective and future-oriented procedures. The industrial sector in particular benefits from individual surface treatment. For example, we support the electrical industry, medical technology, and also the aerospace industry in equal measure. Would you like to know which industries we serve? Here’s a first look at our major clients. But we are also happy to create an offer that is tailored to your company.

Parylene coating and the Alpha plasma treatment at a glance

In 2002, we introduced parylene coating and MW plasma technology in one plant system, for the first time worldwide, and thus combined both processes.

The term “parylene coating” refers to a conformal, non-porous polymer coating, which is characterised by its extreme thinness. The “Alpha Plasma treatment” in turn describes the cleaning of metals, plastics and all vacuum-compatible materials.

The history of Plasma Parylene Systems GmbH

The owner and managing director, Hans-Dieter Voss, has a degree in physics and engineering as well as more than 35 years of experience in the field of plasma technology, low-pressure polymer coating and development of those technologies. He worked for 20 years in plasma companies, both in Germany and in the USA, before founding his own company (Plasma Parylene Coating Services PPCS) in 1999.

  • In 2002, he introduced parylene coating and MW plasma technology in one plant system, for the first time worldwide, and thus combined both processes.
  • In 2008, PPCS was renamed Plasma Parylene Systems GmbH.
  • The brand name Alpha Plasma was created in 2010 with the corresponding plasma systems.

Thanks to the extensive expertise of Mr Voss and his employees, the PPS company is successfully active worldwide. In order to expand their service portfolio and thus meet customer requirements, further development within the company is very important. Services as well as support for processes are the biggest concerns for the PPS TEAM and are recognised worldwide by our customers.

Continuous support of our customers

In addition to research institutes and universities, numerous other large companies are already relying on our wealth of experience. This makes it all the more important for us to build a strong network together that delivers results and creates trust. In order to always ensure consistent quality for our partners, such as the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Göttingen or the Cluster Leistungselektronik e.V., we attach great importance to TÜV certifications. In addition to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, we also comply with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016.

Take advantage of great service from top specialists

  • Competent advice
  • Future-oriented solutions
  • Plasma and parylene from a single source
  • Test coatings up to your custom-designed system with the coordinated processes



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