Alpha plasma services

On request, we will accompany your process from the first test (sample coating) all the way to production readiness.

Everything – from the construction to the completion of the systems as well as the individual processes necessary for the coating – takes place exclusively in-house at our facilities.

We are happy to develop a tailor-made solution that perfectly fits your requirements.

We develop your solution both on the system and on the process side.

  • Design and construction of low-pressure plasma, series and special systems from kHz to GHz
  • Plasma polymerisation plants
  • Atmospheric plasma
  • Cluster systems
  • Creation of system design concepts
  • Maintenance contract
  • Rental equipment to bridge your production bottlenecks
  • Used systems
  • According to the requirements, our systems can also be manufactured in clean rooms
  • Samples & contract treatment (cleaning, activation, etching, parylene and plasma polymerisation)
  • Implementation of plasma processes possible in clean rooms
  • Laboratory tests & analyses
  • Cleaning services in connection with coatings – Wet chemical and/or plasma
  • Research projects as well as new developments of customer-specific processes and coatings
  • Close cooperation with partner companies and research institutions

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