Parylene and plasma coating service

Our services / Implementation of clean-room processes also possible:

Parylene & plasma coating

  • Parylene coatings from 0.1 to > 80 µm with parylene C, D, N, F, AF4 and other parylene types on request (e.g. UV, sandwich layers)
  • Research projects as well as new developments of customer-specific processes and coatings
  • Sample & contract coatings, e.g. with plasma integrated pretreatments
  • Interface coatings to improve the adhesion of the parylene
  • Comprehensive laboratory tests & analyses
  • Cleaning services in connection with coatings – wet chemical (ultrasonic, rinsing)

Plasma coating

  • Samples & contract treatment (cleaning, activation, etching, functional layers)
  • Functional coating for surface treatment:
    Micro flow, high surface energy, permanently hydrophilic properties
    Thin Glyde, reduces friction on plastic and rubber surfaces, dirt-repellent properties on plastics, antistatic properties
    Thin Guard, reduced surface energy, permanently hydrophobic surfaces, passivation
    Micro Tie, improved adhesion to metals and plastics, replaces environmentally harmful chemicals
  • Reduction of oxides on metallic surfaces
  • Removal of photoresists in semiconductor technology
  • Ashing of organic substances
  • Determination of trace elements such as asbestos and glass fibres with SEM and ARTM
  • Process development
  • Removal of SU – 8 varnishes and sacrificial layers
  • Etching back of multi-layer PCBs
  • Customised polymer layers
  • Sandwich layers
  • ALD (ceramic)
  • Interface
  • SiO2 layers

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