Further application possibilities in the field of Alpha plasma

Desmearing (“etching back”)

The desmearing process is a part of the production of printed circuit boards.

After drilling the printed circuit boards (usually made of fibreglass-reinforced epoxy resin), residues of the board material remain at the edges of the holes. These are removed by plasma treatment.

Removal of resin smears in the borehole of multilayer printed circuit boards. The etching back produces good connections, which prevents detachment during thermal shocks.

Desmearing system:
Plasma System AL 900 control active

Desmearing (“etching back”)

Resin layer on the borehole inner wall

Inner wall after etching with plasma

Plasma analysis

Plasma ashing takes place in very diverse areas of analytics.

With the help of low-temperature ashing in the oxygen plasma, organic matrix can be oxidised. Plasma ashing, as a pretreatment, is suitable, among other things, for the determination of

  • asbestos fibres on filters or fabric material by means of REM/ARTEM.
  • Air dust analysis or
  • trace elements and heavy metals in various materials such as coal, tissue samples, plastics with TXRF; AAS-IC
Plasma systems of the Q series

Plasma analysis

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