Raw materials

The combination of two identical molecules results in one of the most important dimers in the large family of polymers, which is used for conformal parylene coatings. This dimer (diaparaxylylene) is evaporated to a gaseous monomer in vacuo at about 150° C.According to the purity of the dimer and the system technology, the result is an absolutely compliant coating and optimal protection of the substrate materials.

We can offer the following types of parylene:

  • C and C with UV tracer
    very good electrical and physical properties < 140° C
  • N
    high dielectric and greatest coating penetration < 90° C
  • D
    high barrier layer and temperature protection < 180° C
  • F
    good electrical properties and temperature protection > 250° C
  • AF4
    high temperature protection >500° C

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