Plasma treatment and
Parylene coating in one system


The owner and managing director, Hans-Dieter Voss (Physics Engineer), looks back on more than 35 years of experience in the field of plasma technology, low-pressure polymer coating and its development.
He worked in plasma companies for 20 years, both in Germany and in the USA, before founding his own company (Plasma Parylene Coating Services PPCS) in 1999.

  • In 2002, he introduced Parylene Coating and MW plasma technology in one system for the first time worldwide, thus combining both processes.
  • In 2008, PPCS was renamed Plasma Parylene Systems GmbH.
  • The Alpha Plasma brand name was created in 2010 with the corresponding plasma systems.

Thanks to the extensive expertise of Mr Voss and his staff, PPS operates successfully all over the world. In order to expand their service portfolio and thus meet customer requirements, further development is a top priority in the companies.
Services and process support are the greatest concerns for the PPS team and are recognised by our customers worldwide.


From an idea to the series product – from prototypes to contract coating to series production.

  • Plasma and Parylene Coating
  • Construction of plasma and Parylene systems
  • Raw materials: Parylene C, N, D, F, AF4


The success story of Plasma Parylene Systems is a result of our consistently high performance standards. Most importantly, we never lose sight of the “all in one” mentality. As a service provider and plant manufacturer, we supply the entire package from a single source.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can manage a project from A to Z without exception. From the first test to the final configuration and implementation, we are there to help and advise you at every step along the process. Our production services go far beyond the supply of standardised systems. We realise custom-made products with the same high quality and precision, taking individual customer requirements into account.

From the very first idea, we are happy to support you in the realisation of your projects with the help of our contract manufacturing. Various machines are available here to manufacture your product in the best possible way and to the highest quality. Experience, flexibility and a wide range of machinery allow creative and customised solutions for your product.

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